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What is a Website maintenance agreement?

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Websites need to be maintained

If you own a Website and wonder why anyone would suggest that you need a Website maintenance plan, think for a moment about your car. You know that your car requires regular maintenance, and that the bare minimum required to keep your car in running order is regular oil changes. A Website is similar, but instead of pistons moving rapidly up and down inside the engine to produce the energy required to make your car move, your Website has code that runs in loops and cycles depending upon the buttons visitors press, and on the entries they click on to read.

Your Website lives in a constantly changing environment

That code might be complete in itself, or it might refer to external Websites or code libraries to obtain its full functionality. The Web is one of the most dynamic environments ever created, and so not only do some of these external sources of code and page content change, they might be relocated or disappear completely. In these cases, your maintenance provider will relocate or recreate the missing elements needed to make your pages function. Standards governing code on the Web are also subject to change, and as a result, updating of the internal code on your site might become essential to ensure on-going reliable performance of your pages.

A well maintained Website has a better chance of attracting visitors

A maintenance agreement generally covers the work required to ensure on-going viability of the processes that make your site tick. It may also include things like monitoring or reporting on your search engine ranking and producing reports that count visitors to your site. Extras in some agreements might include a number of basic content updates and changes so that separate payments are avoided for making changes that keep your site fresh – a must for attracting visitors and keeping your search ranking up.

Get someone you trust to represent your technical interests

Another valuable feature to look for includes having your maintenance provider make any necessary calls to the Web hosting service. Your Website resides on a host server. Calls to these service providers are not only frequently time consuming, but can be technically challenging to anyone not possessing specialised Website performance and hosting knowledge. Find an agreement where you can rely on someone else to make these calls for you.



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